Production is the area of our company that combines qualified production plants with 60 years of experience. That is how we ensure the high standard of our products, because particularly for flexible packaging solutions for the pharmaceuticals, medical technology and chemistry industry, the highest care, safety and strict hygiene standards apply.

Receipt of goods

For us, quality starts even when buying suitable raw materials, because these form the foundations for the production solutions of pmflexibles. Through the qualification of the raw materials and selected suppliers with long-standing strategic partnerships, we guarantee consistently impeccable quality and supply reliability. Our dust and moisture minimising warehouse offers automated traceability through consistent digital recording of material flows. Due to the dynamic warehousing and process safety and stability of the hardware and software, a high level of failure safety is guaranteed.


pmflexibles guarantees the consistently high quality of your products. To this end, your films are produced on qualified extruders. Combined with experienced employees, sustainable process safety, and a production site specifically set up for the production of sensitive products, we can present an all-round impressive film result for you.

Manufacture / lamination

Process safe manufacturing facilities and optimum spatial conditions allow the production of customer specific products. Due to a broad range of application optimised film qualities, we are in a position to offer tailor-made packaging for your product.


Our worldwide logistics network gives our customers security and flexibility that they can rely on. Furthermore, pmflexibles offers you warehousing and logistics concepts oriented towards individual requirements. With our fully automated high-bay warehouse, 200,000 palette bays, computer controlled loading processes and an in-house fleet, we guarantee a flawless operation.